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This Verdaia is one of those projects that just knits itself. You know the type… one day it’s just a little triangle on the needles, and overnight it’s apparently become a living, breathing demander of all knitting attention, flying off the needles at breakneck pace with nary a care for keeping you up to late, [...]


Even though I have other projects vying for my attention right now, the neon Jaywalkers are flying off the needles. Something about this pattern just “clicks” with me– I find it easy yet compelling to knit, and the socks practically grow themselves. I finished the first one in near-record time, and am working my way [...]


I’m on a little bit of a roll with sock knitting. Making socks is like that for me– I go through phases where I can’t put them down, and then other times I’m completely uninterested in them. Everybody likes a good sock knitting binge though, right? Here’s where I’m at: I finally finished these man-sized [...]


If you wondering what the deal is with Wollmeise yarns, the easiest answer is probably: it’s the colors. They are bold, saturated, unique, unmistakable, and yes, very difficult to photograph accurately.  I have taken probably two dozen pictures of this skein and the project I’ve started with it, and only TWO actually look like the [...]




I wanted to show you some of my knitting projects, finished and underway, but I haven’t been able to resist this yarn for knitting, so I figured I shouldn’t try to resist blogging about it, either. I spun it from this roving. Cashmere. It is SO soft, squishy, and bouncy! It’s a chain 3-ply to [...]

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