inspired itch

Jul 25th, 2009 knitting, spinning

The thing about my knitting hobby is that it really does run on inspiration. There are times when I’m inspired to work on a project and nothing can impede my progress. Other times, the inspiration disappears for a project, and it can languish in a drawer for months or years. The great part about this is I’ve been producing a fabulous stream of useful and…


Jul 19th, 2009 knitting

I wish you could have been here to share my glee when I unpinned the blocking Milkweed scarf. It was soft and lovely before I blocked it, but in its finished state, it’s phenomenal. Soft, drapey, scrunchy, and yeah… soft. I am now actively looking for the next opportunity to knit with Malabrigo Sock for not-socks. I’m not sure what else to say about this…

utterly unglamorous

Jul 18th, 2009 knitting

I finished knitting my Milkweed scarf! I guess I’m fully on board with the “little triangle” scarf trend. I’m waiting for cooler weather to see if they’ll actually be wearable in my wardrobe, but in the meantime I’m fully addicted to knitting them. The projects go fast, and they’re a great use for special stash yarns. Milkweed was a really fun knit. I’m sure part…

stash doctor

Apr 10th, 2009 books, crafts, swaps, yarn p8rn fridays
flaming gossamer

In going through my stash for a yarn to post today, I realized I’ve got something of a yarn problem. I really love laceweight yarns, and I do enjoy the challenge and endurance test of knitting lace. (I’m having a ball with Maplewing, slowly but surely.) So, I should be thrilled that I have a good selection of laceweight in my stash, right? The problem…

plain pretty

Feb 25th, 2009 knitting, spinning

Over the weekend I finished knitting my handspun scarf, but I won’t call it a finished project just yet because it still needs a good blocking. Still, I took plenty of “before” pictures for you! Just look at all that texture: I want to block this with the full soak-and-stretch method, because I’m hoping to increase the stitch definition and really make the pattern pop….