Lined Snow Mittens knitting pattern

Jan 17th, 2021 knitting, patterns

Lined mittens are extra warm because of the insulating space trapped between the layers. The inner layer is soft and warm on your hands while the outer layer helps keep snow and moisture out, and the air caught in between adds a buffer against extreme temperatures.  Making mittens double layered also allows you to combine a variety of yarns to take advantage of the properties…


Apr 21st, 2009 patterns

If you’re a regular reader of my blog, you know that I’ve been hard at work brainstorming and knitting up colorwork motifs. It’s a weekly routine I’ve been enjoying the familiarity of: thinking and charting during the week, knitting on Saturdays, blocking and photos on Sundays, and blogging on Mondays. This new pattern – “Alphamitts” – grew up as an off-shoot of that process… a…

become bloggable

Jan 9th, 2009 yarn p8rn fridays

Oops, it looks like I forgot to post this week! I have some things I’ve been meaning to post about, but all of them either need work or knititng time to become more “bloggable,” and time is something I’ve been short on this week. I did start a colorwork mitten with this neat yarn: When I was visiting Connecticut, I spent my holiday gift certificate…

hand hoodies

Nov 22nd, 2008 knitting

As promised, another “finished object” post, and another project whose fiddly, boring knitting is well outweighed by satisfaction with the completed items. I knitted these gloves for Rob, who is usually frustrated by the poor fit and loss of dexterity from various types of mass-produced gloves or mittens. He’s got big hands! –and he’s also just sensitive to that “helpless” feeling you can get from…

give me a W

Nov 7th, 2008 swaps, yarn p8rn fridays

Ok, so I never really joined the Wollmeise frenzy. Of course I knew the colors are beautiful, but I couldn’t see the rationale of fighting to get the few available skeins, not when yarn is supposed to be a fun hobby (as opposed to something to end up upset about!). However, when your Secret Pal is in Germany, there exists a possibility…. Victor was amazing…