and after

May 6th, 2010 knitting

Ahh, the magic of blocking. I could not be happier with Catenary’s transformation! All the weird lumpiness from the short rows is gone, showing just a gorgeously curved shawl shape and all the lace detail in the edging. The overall size grew a LOT– I forgot to measure but you can get a sense of the size since the towels are the same in both…

before blocking

May 5th, 2010 knitting

I finished a shawl project on Monday, and I am so excited to block it today, if the rain holds off long enough for me to do it on the porch. It’s going to be one of those dramatic transformations from its pre-blocked state to its final form, so I made sure to take the “before” pictures so you can appreciate the change with me….

deja vu

Dec 4th, 2009 knitting, swaps

This project may look a little familiar to you! For those of you who are regular readers, my Nov. 1st post featured a hat exactly like this one.. but this IS a different version of it, just knitted up in the same yarn, same color, same pattern. Yes– I enjoyed making the Ana Hat that much, enough to make it all over again without changing…


Jul 19th, 2009 knitting

I wish you could have been here to share my glee when I unpinned the blocking Milkweed scarf. It was soft and lovely before I blocked it, but in its finished state, it’s phenomenal. Soft, drapey, scrunchy, and yeah… soft. I am now actively looking for the next opportunity to knit with Malabrigo Sock for not-socks. I’m not sure what else to say about this…

utterly unglamorous

Jul 18th, 2009 knitting

I finished knitting my Milkweed scarf! I guess I’m fully on board with the “little triangle” scarf trend. I’m waiting for cooler weather to see if they’ll actually be wearable in my wardrobe, but in the meantime I’m fully addicted to knitting them. The projects go fast, and they’re a great use for special stash yarns. Milkweed was a really fun knit. I’m sure part…