finished fabric

Oct 30th, 2010 knitting, swaps

See? I told you I was excited to finish and block this shawl! The real moment of truth is yet to come, when it’s dry and I get to feel how soft, drapey and luxurious the Sundara Silky Merino turns out. But stretching the fabric out to see the design in its entirety is always an exciting moment, too. It’s enough to tide me over…

cobalt over mediterranean

This Verdaia is one of those projects that just knits itself. You know the type… one day it’s just a little triangle on the needles, and overnight it’s apparently become a living, breathing demander of all knitting attention, flying off the needles at breakneck pace with nary a care for keeping you up to late, missing meals or work hours, or anything other than the…

scrunchy soft

Jul 26th, 2009 knitting

I’m trying to wear more blue. I don’t have a lot of it in my wardrobe, but when I have worn it, I realized it looks good with my eye color and I should try and work it in more often. I have a blue sweater project planned and up next, and I’ll definitely be on the lookout for opportunities to wear my latest Milkweed….