finished fabric

Oct 30th, 2010 knitting, swaps

See? I told you I was excited to finish and block this shawl! The real moment of truth is yet to come, when it’s dry and I get to feel how soft, drapey and luxurious the Sundara Silky Merino turns out. But stretching the fabric out to see the design in its entirety is always an exciting moment, too. It’s enough to tide me over…

and after

May 6th, 2010 knitting

Ahh, the magic of blocking. I could not be happier with Catenary’s transformation! All the weird lumpiness from the short rows is gone, showing just a gorgeously curved shawl shape and all the lace detail in the edging. The overall size grew a LOT– I forgot to measure but you can get a sense of the size since the towels are the same in both…

hanami on the rack

Sep 25th, 2008 knitting
hanami blocking

I hope you will forgive me– I have to admit that my Hanami stole has been finished long enough for me to wear it twice, and I haven’t even shown you the pictures yet! This is inexcusable blogging behavior I know, but I’m hoping you will forget all about it when you see how beautifully the stole turned out. I have pictures of it blocking…


Aug 20th, 2008 knitting

I have lots of progress on Hanami to show you! I have left the repetitive basket weave section behind and am working my way down the organic “falling blossoms” section. There was a lot of mostly stockinette in the middle there to help things move fast, and now the seemingly random- but steadily increasing in frequency- blossom patterning is keeping me motivated & enthralled. Still,…