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It was only a couple of hours after I wrote up my last post before I was spinning, plying, and finishing the spinning project that I was so worked up about. Sometimes they’re just totally addictive! We had plenty of episodes of bad TV stored up, so I just worked through the remaining fiber until [...]


I finished my spinning project, and here it is in its final glory! Actually, since it’s my creation, all I can see are its flaws, but I’m pretty sure it looks like a bloggable skein of handspun to the rest of you. It’s my first skein after a long spinning hiatus, so some inconsistency is [...]


I am spinning again, and it feels wonderful. I’m not really sure what caused me to go “off” spinning this February, probably a combination of the lifestyle changes we made when Rob’s brother moved in, and also the busy-busy I’ve been with crafting deadlines for outside parties. In any case, my wheel sat unloved there [...]




I know I already craftily engineered a way to keep my feet warm this winter, but it turns out I couldn’t stop there. I had to knit some thrummed slippers to further seal out those cold drafts! These are the greatest. I’ve been wearing them for the past few nights with great delight. The Cascade [...]


To finish the seemingly endless amounts of ribbing on my sweater so speedily, I knitted on that project almost exclusively. Consequently, I had a fit of startitis and started a bunch of smaller new projects when it was done! I have three new projects that I haven’t shown you yet, but let’s take them one [...]

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