finished fabric

Oct 30th, 2010 knitting, swaps

See? I told you I was excited to finish and block this shawl! The real moment of truth is yet to come, when it’s dry and I get to feel how soft, drapey and luxurious the Sundara Silky Merino turns out. But stretching the fabric out to see the design in its entirety is always an exciting moment, too. It’s enough to tide me over…

little something scarf

Jul 1st, 2009 knitting

Not long ago, I was home alone when I read that Robyn would be hosting a knit along for Ishbel. When I first saw this pattern, I wasn’t too excited about it since I’ve never been able to get in the swing of wearing small scarves. (I’m not good at accessorizing outfits!) However, something about being home alone – maybe it was quiet enough to…

very Valentine

Jan 31st, 2009 spinning

A recurring theme on this blog has been my predictability with color.. I have a closet full of green and brown sweaters, and still those are the colors I’m drawn to in a yarn store! I like being comfy and consistent in my color choices, but it’s good to work outside of your comfort zone from time to time. When I received this pretty pink…

mystery monday

Nov 17th, 2008 other

Does this pile of messy yarn and spilled beads look familiar to you? You might recognize it as all that remains of my Mystery Stole 4 project. I really enjoyed working on this project – both for the ever-changing lace charts and the serial knit-along of the clues – but the stole was too narrow to be useful to me, and I don’t care for…

mysterious monday

Sep 22nd, 2008 knitting
ms4 clue 3

Unfortunately, I spent the weekend sick with a gross head cold. The bright side is that all of the sedentary recovery time allowed for a great deal of knitting! I was able to progress through the entirety of Clue 3, the latest release in the Mystery Stole 4 pattern. I love how the lace is coming out– so far it’s a nice balance of linear…