Make that thrice..

Feb 25th, 2007 knitting

Wow. I’d say it was less than an hour between when I wrote below about how I’ve had the cables from Knitpicks Options break and when I had the third one break! I just got up from blogging, and into bed to work on finishing the sweater, when boom! third time’s a charm?? What has happened on all three of them is the purple cable…

I really felt that felting.

Feb 25th, 2007 knitting
before macro

As I mentioned earlier, I’m currently psyched about felting by hand, in the sink with an old-fashioned washboard. It’s exhausting in a great way! I worked hard last night at felting an oven mitt and a pot holder from the Knitpicks pattern, and later on, when I finally divided the front and back of my soon to be completed raglan, I barely had the hand…

vampires vs. pirates

Feb 21st, 2007 books

My current reading theme is vampires– I am taking a brief hiatus from the bizarre medical/horrifyingly infectious diseases category. For my commute, I have Dracula on audiobook– and wow am I wowed by this book. I thought I didn’t even like frightening genres! But I am so completely transfixed by the rich description and carefully crafted suspense, that it seemed only right to try out…

swiftly tinkering

Feb 19th, 2007 knitting, other, pets

I knew well from my days of babysitting that building toys are good fun for all ages. Imagine my pleasant surprise then when I saw Jen’s Tinker Toy Swift, an excellent and affordable solution of how to wind skeins of yarn into balls without tangling them or breaking the bank. I thought it was great fun (not to mention quick and easy) to build this…