This week’s Monday motif? The iconic cow skull graphic found on western wear and other cowboy-theme media. I think this one turned out really neat, and would look awesome on a hat or hoodie. Or what about a set of coasters for a home with southwestern decor?


I actually went to a rodeo here in Chicago last weekend. It was pretty commericialized and tame– a foreshortened, profit-streamlined version of the real thing, but it was still really fun and funny. I got to see their intermission act, Whiplash the small monkey cowboy, who rides a border collie who herds goats! You had to see it to believe it, that was really funny. If that doesn’t inspire you to knit the western wear motif, what will?


Right-click the graph to download it for your own use. Print it, knit it, crochet it, embroider it… just be sure to show me pictures of whatever wonderful thing you make! To browse the Motif of the Week archives, click here.