I’ve finished the second glove of the Dashing set, but I can’t provide photographic evidence since both gloves are not currently at the same house. I won’t bore you with pictures of the recently completed glove, just take my word for it that it’s a lot like the first one. Besides, how would you be sure I wasn’t just showing you more pictures of the same glove? Just have faith that the pair is now a complete finished objects, and I did not fall victim to second syndrome, unlike my relationship to other projects that will remain nameless.

My love affair with Wick continues! Cristi conveniently posted a great looking sock pattern for this yarn, whose moisture-wicking properties make it perfect for socks.


The socks are made up of two fish-theme lace motifs, so the pattern is named after a character who loves fish in the BBC series Red Dwarf. I hadn’t seen the show before, but I’ve heard several people at work mention it, so I checked it out and have been tasting some episodes while I work on the sock.


I’m so pleased that this pattern came along when I was in need of a compelling project, and it’s able to be knit with stash yarn, especially a yarn I am currently crushing on. The added bonus is I could bring the DVD home to really get into the spirit of the whole project. It’s so nice when so many different aspects of life fit together nicely like that– let’s savor it while it lasts, right? Oh yeah, London is savoring it, too: