Over the weekend I finished knitting my handspun scarf, but I won’t call it a finished project just yet because it still needs a good blocking. Still, I took plenty of “before” pictures for you! Just look at all that texture:


I want to block this with the full soak-and-stretch method, because I’m hoping to increase the stitch definition and really make the pattern pop. However, I’m loving the scarf in its current state because of all that texture! Knitting with my handspun was great fun… it was enthralling to watch the color and texture changes, and it yielded a scarf that’s just dripping with visual interest.


The “wheatears” stitch pattern is part of the appeal. It was easy to memorize and fun to knit, which is why there’s a finished scarf already! What I really love about the pattern is that it’s quasi-reversible… technically the purl side is the “right side,” because that side shows the wheatear motif, but the wrong/knit side is totally appealing! It’s got a nice geometric pattern going on, with rows of eyelets defining little diamond shaped panels. It’s the best of both worlds.


I am totally swamped with projects and deadlines right now, so unfortunately the blocking process is kind of low among my crafty priorities, so it’s still anybody’s guess when this scarf will be truly “finished.” Also undetermined is a gift recipient for this one! I may keep it for myself… they ARE my colors, but I’ve been wearing nothing but my Malabrigo scarf, and it’s so soft that it’s hard to imagine wanting to wear anything else! Still, with a photo set like this one, I’m sure I’ll be reminded to take this one out of hibernation and finish/decide on it before too long. It’s just plain pretty!