In honor of the two-year anniversary of this blog, I am pleased as punch to announce the brand new Skyline Chilly website! If you generally read my posts through a feed reader, please do take a minute to click through to my site and have a look around.

Rob has been working really hard to get this site redesigned from scratch, and I’m really proud of him. Check out the totally improved search function! And the beautiful new patterns page… can you guess the inspiration for that one?

The little penguin button at the top will take you to a brand new feature that I will update every Monday: “Motif of the Week.” These are original colorwork motifs, charted by me and offered up for free for your knitting/crochet/crafty pleasure. Check back on Mondays for more information!

I also have a new pattern to release to you– it is “skyline” theme and really exciting! While I get that download all ready to go, please enjoy the new site, and do let me know if you encounter any glitches.