If I was feeling really creative and had more time before I have to leave for work, I would write a poem for this post in honor of the featured yarn! That’s because it is a skein of Ellyn Cooper’s “Yarn Sonnets,” and it seems like a sonnet would be the most appropriate way of describing it! Oh well– not today. Maybe when I knit with it?

This skein was among the yarns I picked up when I visited Connecticut for the holidays, when my shopping spree involved only locally farmed or locally dyed yarns. Apparently Ellyn is a CT-based fiber artist with a whole range of different yarn types, but no website to link to.


Remarkably, it was actually Rob who picked out this skein. With those firey colors, who could blame him? He chose this shade and requested that it become another pair of gloves like the others I made him. He likes sock yarn for his gloves so that they are nice and thin, fitted, and non-constricting. And when the sock yarn looks like this, that’s understandable!