I finally broke the spell of my knitting slump over the weekend, by forcing myself to cast on for a new project. For several days, I was desperate to start something new, but I couldn’t decide what! But I knew I was interested in knitting with my handspun, so I finally just grabbed my most recent skein and started a scarf. I don’t normally knit scarves! But I needed something, and it turns out knitting with this yarn is fun enough to make the project fly.

As further proof of what a bad blogger I have become recently, I don’t have any pictures of this handspun in progress or as a finished skein. It took me around 2 months to spin! It’s a merino/silk blend from 2 Sanguine Gryphon carded batts, and it’s lovely. I will make up for the lack of yarn pictures with extra scarf pictures, OK?

I am knitting it at sort of a DK weight, although the yarn is thick-and-thin like so much beginner handspun! It’s nice that way… I think it will have loads of textural interest when it’s all blocked. I picked a motif from a stitch dictionary called “Wheat Ears,” because it seems like it has enough stockinette in it to really show off the yarn, but also enough patterning to keep me from getting bored.

The coolest part? This reversible motif looks great from the front and the back. So far, all the pictures have actually been the wrong side of the work, which I think looks best, so I’m making it the new front. However, the “right” side of the stitch motif looks really neat, too… this side shows the wheat-shapes that give the pattern its name. I can’t wait to see this once it’s properly blocked.