Here’s another project that I started recently… be careful you don’t get yourself overly excited, now! I know it’s thrilling, but please don’t let viewing this project disrupt your otherwise uneventful day. I mean, plain stockinette socks!! Does it get any more exciting?!

I can joke about their lack of design complexity, but I chose this project because I love knitting stockinette in the round. It’s so relaxing! And it really makes the sock grow quickly, which is important when it’s man-sized like this one. I’m enjoying the plain stockinette so much, that I’m going to rip out a complexly patterned WiP when I need the yarn. I’d just rather have fun making simple socks that struggle to focus through complicated ones!

The yarn is a delightful silk blend which was a Secret Pal gift from Victor, which is appropriate to blog about today, since he nominated me for a blogging award! I may or may not be able to find the time to participate in the meme, though. ;-)