Is it Friday? This is the weirdest week! Between a travel day, two work days, and a holiday, I’m completely confused as to what day of the week it’s supposed to feel like. My blogorhythm is telling me to do a Fiber Friday post, but to me it feels like a bizarre Monday! Anyway:


This is Reynolds Icelandic Kurlie Lamb that I got in a trade from Laura in my knitting group’s big stash swap several weeks ago. That was a really fun day, everybody brought a lot of great yarns, but I’m pretty sure I didn’t do any actual destashing– only rearranging!


I really love the rustic fuzziness of this yarn. It’s a nice rough wool, with a great texture, and I have a ton of it! 10 balls is enough for some kind of big project, although I’m not yet sure what that will be. Since it’s natural colored, I took a small sample of it to work with me to try dyeing it, and it behaved nicely in the dyes. I have a small swatch that I dyed and knitted just to see what it would be like, so it’s time to start working on project ideas. Since I could dye it any imagineable color, the project possibilities are limitless!