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To continue the nautical theme from my previous post: a knitted lobster! I guess it’s pretty easy to see the connection between boating/ocean activities and sea creatures like lobsters and octopuses, but you might be a little confused when I tell you these guys are also Christmas knitting:

A few years ago, my mom asked for any and all “nautical” Christmas ornaments, so that she could do an all boat-theme tree. Ever since then, I have been making ornaments using various crafts each year. I already blogged about the octopus back in September, but I figured I would be spoiling the suprise if I blogged about the lobster right when I knitted him, just before Christmas.

I just love how the lobster came out. The pattern was extremely well-written, so it was relatively simple to come out with a perfectly lobster-shaped toy (which I added a hanging loop to for it to become an ornament). You would definitely have to be familiar with knitting on DPN’s for this type of knitting, and it is always a little physically strenuous to knit at the tight tiny gauge required for these shapely little toys. That’s most of the reason that I don’t knit toys like these very often, but when I do, I just love how all the fiddly details really make them “live.”