Wow, you’ve all been leaving such gracious & encouraging comments on the colorwork sock and the hot water cozy… I really appreciate that you appreciate my work! Somehow, I don’t think that today’s project is going to get as enthusiastic a response. So far, several of the people who have seen it have commented that they find it either disturbing or disgusting. I think it’s just funny! I’ll let you decide for yourselves:

It’s a nosewarmer with interchangeable mustaches! It’s a new knitting pattern designed by Stefanie, available as part of the new website that I am co-administering with some friends, Twisted Think Tank. It’s a clearing house for all our zany brainstorms, anything really that is too weird or off-topic to go on the regular blog, like SEA SPACE. It’s mostly inside jokes, but what better place to go to download the mustache knitting pattern?

I know that you are so intrigued by the detachable mustaches, bemused by our dye-spattered clothing, and interested in the sliver of Lorna’s Laces you can see in the background of the picture, that you are not even going to ask me about the weird eyeballs. It’s a long story, the result of which is: they’re weird eyeballs, and we need a separate website just to hold weird ideas.