Remember when I said I had a project coming up that needed a luxuriously touchable yarn? Here it is, the Huggable Hot Water Cozy, worked up in the soft, fuzzy angora blend, Lorna’s Laces Angel. I use a hot water bottle to warm up the bed (and my toes!) on cold nights, but I wanted something to cover up the weird rubbery texture and the “vintage” reddish color. Now it’s fun in bright colors, and as soft as cold toes could ever want!

204 Daffodil is one of my favorite Lorna’s colors, and now you see why! I did dye this batch of yarn myself, but I couldn’t have planned for the awesome way the pooling worked out. When it’s not flashed across someone’s chect on some unfortunate sweater, pooling can be wonderful! That’s one of the nice things about knitting toys, home objects, socks… smaller things where the pressure is less… you can have fun with it, and use the wild colors! Since I was having fun, I went for the cutest little watermelon buttons, too:

I’ve made the pattern for the hot water bottle cozy available as a free download here, and it is of course on Ravelry as well… right here. I’m thinking everyone could save a few pennies on their heating bills with huggable hot water this winter!