A while back, when Rob saw me knitting the first of the Transition Gloves, he let me know that he really liked the color gradient design in the colowork, and wanted a pair. I am going to knit his pair larger than the pattern’s large size (which is still a ladies’ size) by using slightly thicker yarn and bumping up the needle sizes one notch. I picked out Shepherd Sport in 36ns Chocolate and 54ns Firefly for the task!

Finishing the former pair of Transition Gloves is one of the items on my Finish-along list, so the second pair with this yarn will probably have to wait until next year. So far, the Finish-along has been moderately successful for me: the extra motivation is helping me slog through projects that I need to finish but don’t feel excited about. (I am a stone’s throw from finishing Rob’s gloves and the Bellatrix socks.) However, the Finish-along is also encouraging me to start quickie projects that I know I can finish in a few days… the fast-track to getting stickers, and no wading through the mire of older projects! Startitis still reigns.

I will look forward to starting the mitts with this yarn, though. I love Shepherd Sport! I always look forward to dyeing & handling it at work, because no matter what, it always seems to look nice. The colors seem more vibrant than the Sock yarn versions, and it’s definitely softer. The Sport has a fluffy springiness that is irresistable… and definitely one of the reasons I’m excited about knitting the Transition Gloves pattern a second time. I think it’s going to look really nice in this yarn & these colors.

Remember when I said it was getting too dark for the season, so I took a month’s worth of Fiber Friday pictures in advance? This is the last set from that batch (although I do have another bunch ready to go for their plan-ahead photoshoot)… and I think I saved the best for last.