I spent part of the weekend working on a quickie project, know that it would garner for me the satisfaction of crossing off an item on the finish-along, especially since it was on US 15 needles!. I had bought some nice, rustic handspun from Sarahbird Spins, and almost as soon as I opened the packages containing the yarn, it told me what it was to become: a new bonnet for all my winter bundling needs.

The yarn is an 100% wool in its natural grayish color (I don’t know the breed, but it’s scratchy and I love that!), plus a much softer black wool plied with sparkly thread and star beads! (Close up of that special yarn is here.) This is the second time I have made this pattern (the Grownup Bonnet from the Tracey Ullman book which I love), so I knew what to do to make the most of the limited yardage of the handspun. (Change the order of knitting the parts, pick up stitches instead of binding off, etc.)

This is my second bonnet, so I now have two… but the older one is getting a little tired-looking (it’s so old I’ve never shown it to you because it predates the website!), plus this one comes closer to matching my black & gray winter coat. The older version was knit with gifted Blue Sky Alpacas Hand Dyed Bulky which is SO SOFT, so I didn’t pick the bright colors, although I would certainly pick the luxurious fiber again! I dug out an old picture of it for you, full of old knitwear:

That’s my sister (like you couldn’t guess) sporting an Alien Illusion Scarf (from the first Stitch & Bitch book) and a hat I made up to match.