Ok, so I never really joined the Wollmeise frenzy. Of course I knew the colors are beautiful, but I couldn’t see the rationale of fighting to get the few available skeins, not when yarn is supposed to be a fun hobby (as opposed to something to end up upset about!). However, when your Secret Pal is in Germany, there exists a possibility….


Victor was amazing enough to send me two skeins in my final package, and yeah… I see what all the fuss is about. Two beautiful colors, and none of the insanity of midnight sneak-ups? That is my kind of Wollmeise.

I know that some people just “collect” this yarn, but I am planning on using mine. The fun part about that is, I knew almost instantly what I want to knit with the red skein (Rosenrot), but I’m going to have to ponder and marinate ideas for what to do with the earthy multi (Amazonas). So it’s a twofer… one for now and one for later! And both colors are so perfectly “me,” even though they are so different from each other.

I am going to combine the red with white Shepherd Sock to make colorwork mittens. It’s going to be interesting and neat to use the Lorna’s with the Wollmeise, since both are particularly smooth. I have a particular pattern in mind, and its book will be ready to pick up at the library in about a week. Not that I need to be starting any more projects right now– I have PLENTY underway as it is. I’ve definitely had “startitis” recently.

That’s why it’s so great that I have the second skein to go into the “thinking box” for a while! That’s the fun part about having wonderful yarns in your stash… when inspiration hits and you get that itchy NEED to start a new project, there it is! waiting to become something fabulous. Like I said, I’m not sure what I’ll end up making with this amazingly greeny colorway, but when I do, I’m sure it will be as gorgeous and satisfying as any impulsive start.

That’s the thing about great yarn! It’s so inspiring.