So many of you expressed positive ideas about how last Friday’s yarn would knit up, that it really motivated me to start a project with it right away. Last winter, Rob was very picky about his choices for gloves, which is a difficulty for someone with larger-than-normal hands. He doesn’t like to have his hands constricted or any loss of dexterity from puffy gloves, and he really likes the fit of those stretchy knit one-size-fits-all gloves. But those ones don’t really fit all! He would end up with holes in between the fingers in sometimes as little as one day, from stretching them too far. So I knew that the perfect knitterly solution was custom-fit knitted gloves, in a yarn fine enough to give a thin, non-constricting fabric. Using the Handy Book of Patterns and some toe-up sock principles, I’m making convertible “flip-top” mittens to preserve dexterity while maintaining the warmth of the wool mittens.

The smooth texture and sturdy fabric that makes Shepherd Sock such a winner for feet is turning into really lovely gloves. I just love the way this glove feels when I try it on to check the shaping (even though it is way too big for me), so I think I will be making another pair for myself at some point. (You know I have enough of this yarn to spare some for unexpected projects…) And the accidental overdye colorway looks amazing! I love the way the red swirling adds interest without taking away from the conservatively masculine coloring. Thanks to the cooling weather, and all your encouraging comments last weekend, I have an exciting new project that looks great & is coming along fast!