I recently got a Traveling Scarf in the mail to work on, and the starter square was done in a left-slanting diagonal stitch pattern, so I chose the following motif to add to it. I figured a right-slanting square would set off the previous pattern nicely. I chose the Lacy Diagonals pattern from page 145 of the Harmony Stitch Guides‘ lace edition.

This is my first Traveling Scarf project, and it was the first one to arrive, so I was excited about it and got straight to work. There I was, knitting along, carefully following the instructions for the stitch pattern… imagine my surprise when this scarf square started to appear! It turns out the instructions on this page are for a different motif entirely, and the picture is paired up with the wrong stitch pattern!

I decided to leave the scarf as is – with the suprising diamonds motif instead of a right-diagonal one – since it’s still a lovely stitch pattern, and also because it’s kind of a neat addition to the “story” of the traveling scarf… a fairly bizarre, unexpected stop along its journey!

I had tried to contact the publisher about a separate error in one of these books about a year ago, and I never heard anything from them, so I don’t know whether or how to go about getting the word out there about this, or whether it’s already been addressed? I’m wondering whether or not the stitch pattern I was looking for is also in the book, under an incorrect picture as well… maybe there are several motifs involved in a big switcharoo? Something is definitely messed up in this book, because really… this:

Is not right.