Today’s featured yarn falls into the “happy accident” category… A one-of-a-kind dye lot of Shepherd Sock that resulted from my screwing up a batch of a certain color, then trying to hide the mistake by overdyeing the whole thing Charcoal. The black dye didn’t cover well enough, so the finished yarn is a really neat variegated charcoal, with a shock of dark red for interest & appeal.

Maybe to try to make up for the fact that I messed up a whole batch of sock yarn, or maybe because I just really like it, I have two pairs of skeins of this color picked out for my stash. One set (still in my cubby at work) is from the lighter end of the dyelot, and those skeins have a much brighter red– less burgundy, more contrast. I’m planning to someday make socks for myself from those ones. Today’s yarn, with more muted, deeper colors, is going to become a pair of gloves for Rob, who can’t stand the lack of motor control caused by gloves made of thicker fabric. Also, I know that 2 other Lorna’s employees have snagged some skeins out of this accidental dye lot, so it really was a happy accident: at least the resulting yarn is pretty enough to sell well at the Mill Ends sales (when knitting guilds occasionally tour & peruse Lorna’s Laces).