I have homework for work this weekend… swatching! It’s that time of year where we make up and test out new recipes for new colors, for possibly adding them to the collection of available colors. Everybody took home a couple mini skeins of Shepherd Sock to swatch with over the weekend, and I have two swatches to show from colors that I dyed. I like them, but it’s impossible to say whether they will end up as official Lorna’s Laces colors, since they would have to show a certain degree of consensus appeal and also run the ever-present risk of executive veto. There’s also a possibility that they could end up as custom colors if they meet the wishes of an LYS that wants a color for their shop or a particular theme, and of course they could also end up going nowhere, true one-off’s, never to be dyed again.

You might recognize the stitch pattern in the first swatch as the Fish Tail lace pattern from the Red Dwarf Socks! It’s amazing what lace charts you can find on your hard drive if you’re too lazy to go to the other room for stitch books. I like this colorway– it’s nice that it could be gender-neutral, and maybe it’s springy enough for a January release?

I really love the colors in the second swatch; I fell in love with its skein as soon as it was dry. It might be a little too finicky to make a marketable color though… the first swatch I knitting with this color turned out terribly! It wasn’t pleasing, and I had a hunch it wouldn’t be a fair representation of the colorway when the swatches are “judged” on Monday. The second try you see here is much better. (The first swatch’s stitch pattern was one of the lace motifs from the Mystery Stole… maybe my ambivalence about the swatch was reflective of my feelings for the stole itself– a topic for another post, certainly.)