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sock love

My carry-along project for the past few weeks has been the socks from the Loopy Ewe 2nd anniversary kit. (I’m linking to the pattern on Ravelry here but I don’t recommend trying to spell or pronounce the name.) I love these socks! It’s mostly because of the yarn, but the colors and the fit also help to make this my new favorite pair of socks.

The yarn is Handmaiden’s Casbah, and it’s amazing. Who knew that only 10% cashmere content would make that much of a difference? But it’s unbelievably soft & shiny, and literally as much of a joy to knit with as it is to wear in warm, soft finished socks. I love the way the yarn shows off its colors, too: each of the shades in the special “Loopified” colorway is so vibrant and strong.

I actually think the colors are too strong to be fair to the stitch pattern; it’s not a yarn-to-pattern match I would have made myself. I just thought it would be fun (and it was) to knit the materials from the kit “by the book,” following the decisions the designer made even if I’d ordinarily make those decisions differently. (Cast-on type, heel type, ribbing type, and in this case, the main stitch pattern itself!) The finished wavy/stripy socks will be perfect to wear on any cold day, with any outfit involving red, and (as always) with my favorite sock-showcasing Pumas: