In case you were expecting modeled pictures of Hanami to appear on the blog next, I have a new ally on my side to help me get out having to make excuses. My blogging partner is an aquatic cephalopod of epic proportions and with limitless capability to intimidate. It’s a ferociously nightmarish monster, the prospect of which makes any beach-goer apprehensive about stepping foot in the ocean. I mean, would you dare to make demands to this face?


I didn’t think so.

If you weren’t scared away by that horrifying sight, you might be interested in the details: It’s the Octopus pattern from Hansigurumi, which now joins my knitted squid, thanks to the gift of the patterns from my Secret Pal. The Plymouth Tweed I’d been hoping would work well turned into really nice lumpy, mottled cephalopod skin… kind of like the ones that can change color and camouflage, right? The shiny underbelly is none other than Lorna’s Lion & Lamb, perfectly shiny and soft like an underbelly should be. And yes, he’s really cute and only a few inches across… not that scary after all.