I wasn’t too surprised when I got a slip in my mailbox to let me know that I had a registered package awaiting pickup at the post office. After all, I knew I had a package on its way from my Secret Pal! The surprising part was that the box waiting for me wasn’t the one she recently let me know was in transit, it was the much older one that we’d given up for lost! It had been in limbo on its way from Germany since July, and just finally showed up mere days before its successor (we hope).


I forgot to take a picture of the really neat holographic map postcard and the beautiful knee-high sock pattern that came in the box, but suffice to say it was a really wonderful package! The foresty green sock yarn, with its silk blend softness and shine, will be perfect for showing off the details of a lacey or cabled sock. Also, I just love encountering candy that doesn’t speak English! I had the pleasure of biting into one of those Rafaello without knowing what to expect… I was pleasantly surprised. And suffice to say, there used to be an additional package of those miniature gummi bears… but I can’t find it anywhere now! ;-) Thanks again, Secret Pal!