Check out my finished Boteh Scarf! This is a great project on a lot of levels, but my favorite part by far is what a great use it is for multicolored sock yarn. The crochet stitches, as opposed to rows of knitting, really take advantage of the colors’ tendency to create pooling, and the result is a mottled blend of the shades that displays all of the yarn’s best characteristics and none of its pitfalls.

boteh scarf FO

The pattern calls for Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock, and while I used a favorite colorway – 901 Baltic Sea – I think it would look really neat in 708 Camouflage, since the varying blotches of colors actually look like the pattern on camouflage fabric! I don’t know if that means this scarf would help conceal someone in the Baltic Sea?… but I do know that I’ll be on the lookout for more opportunities to combine multicolor yarns & crochet.

boteh detail FO

As I said before, I really enjoyed working on this project; the pattern is just the right combination of repetitive stitching and timely changes. I even enjoyed working the edging all the way around the full-length scarf, and that should be a good indication of how addictive crochet is… since I even enjoyed the fiddly finishing steps! This scarf is actually for an upcoming gift recipient, but I could not resist the added fun of trying it on for a little modeling. It’s great!