I’ve been driving myself crazy with unfinished knitting! The result of my scattered, not-very-dedicated knitting during my vacation is that I’m “this far” from finishing 3 different projects.  All three just need a concerted effort or final push to get them into the finished-object column, but as of yet I haven’t found the time or energy to get any of them done. Consequently, they are driving me nuts– a big pile of unfinished business preventing me from moving forward on anything new.

I didn’t take any new pictures of the projects, since they’re so close to the finishing stages and you’ll see them again at that time. I’m hoping I can finish up the Jaywalkers today, which would make the Boteh Scarf my carry-along project for the final day or two it will take to finish up the crocheting. There’s also the issue that I’d wanted to finish up Hanami before Mystery Stole 4 starts up on Friday, so I’m hoping to at least make major progress on the last two charts, to get it “almost-almost” finished before I embark on the new lace project. Furthermore, my Sunrise Circle Jacket has been trying to guilt-trip me back into working on it, since it’s getting to be the time of year where cool weather is forseeable and I do love that yarn. Then there’s also that pile of single socks seeking mates! See? Like I said before, I’m driving myself crazy.