My jury duty plan to get my Hanami within a weekend’s knitting of finishing was derailed by the fact that instead of spending the day with my knitting in the jury assembly room, I was actually called to be on a panel of interviewees within an hour of being there, and subsequently chosen to sit on a jury that lasted the rest of the week. (Oy.) I probably still could have gotten the stole finished by my original goal of this weekend, but with the total mix-up of my schedule and extra stress that jury duty caused, I didn’t see any reason to push it. After all, the reason I wanted it finished so quickly was to take on vacation with me, but killing myself to try to get it done in time didn’t really seem to be in the spirit of “vacation”!

Instead, I started a sock to mindlessly knit during the many breaks of the trial. There are several proceedings of a criminal trial that are supposed to be kept private from the jurors, so we kept having to go back into our jury room while the lawyers got everything hammered out with the judge. And there I knit.

jaywalker 2

It’s verdict is in! I’ve broken the string of single-knitted-items and cast on for the second sock of a pair. This Jaywalker will be perfect for plane and hotel knitting, since I don’t need the printed pattern anymore and the self-striping yarn helps mark out the progress. If all goes according to plan (and no further civic duties get in the way!), I hope I can finish this sock up during the week away.