Today’s feature is another in the category “I’ve had this yarn for a while, but I’m just getting around to photographing it.” It’s Lorna’s Sheperd Sock in 102 Mineshaft, and it’s from the first batch of multicolored yarn I ever dyed! That seems like a really long time ago now, yet I still don’t know what project these skeins will eventually go to. I do like looking at them though!


We dye this color a lot at Lorna’s (since it is understandably popular), and I really like the way it turns out… kind of mottled blacks and grays. In fact, I like it so much that it’s the color that inspired my decision about my Mystery Stole yarn… I’ll be using that bluish blackish gray in the middle of this colorway as the sole solid color for the stole.

mineshaft detail