Please don’t tell anyone how I barely knit a stitch over the weekend. Oh, and please don’t tell them how the spinning progress I’m showing you today isn’t even from this weekend– it’s from *last* weekend! Someone might get the impression that I don’t appreciate weekends as important sources of valuable knitting time– I do! I just don’t know what happened.

monster hair skein

I had so much fun making this yarn. I have a little tin where I keep all the fiber scraps that get too tangled or lumpy, or just end up on the floor after spinning projects. I hand-blended these into a crazy batt of all different colors and textures. It wasn’t really carded at all, just as homogenous as I could make it with my fingers (which is not very homogenous). It made for really fun spinning! I produced a wildly thick-and-thin, slubby single of many colors, all of which are happy reminders of other spinning endeavors. I plied it with a silk single I’ve been spinning from some hankies that were sent by my Ravelry Spindle Addicts Swap pal. The silk gave the crazy single a little more consistency and a lot more strength, so I’m left with a tiny amount of perfectly usable, perfectly wacky yarn. I’m thinking it could be the hair on some kind of crazy monster stuffed toy. Fun, right?

monster hair