Rob surprised me by wanting this project for his office (once he saw me knitting it). I thought for sure that it would be safe from abduction because of the orange/purple color scheme! But he loves it, so I can’t resist letting him take it to work where it will be appreciated and where his coworkers are starting to think of me as some kind of toy-indulging factory. Luckily, this Hansigurumi pattern is so great, I can see myself making more cephalapods in the future. (Thanks Secret Pal!) The instructions are really clear (even though parts of the knitting are a little fiddly), but what’s really impressive is how life-like and formidable the squid came out looking, and the posable, grabby tentacles are irresistible! I wish I could have set up an appropriately aquatic-themed photo shoot.

I used luxe yarns for this guy, which I think is part of what makes him so nice- it’s Malabrigo Worsted in Rhodesian and the contrasting color for the shiny tentacles is Lorna’s Laces Lion & Lamb in 205 Irving Park. I did modify the pattern in small ways (it certainly doesn’t need any major work!), by sewing up the inner seam of the tentacles from the outside instead of the inside, by crocheting and embroidering the eyes instead of knitting them before sewing them on, and by leaving off the top two triangular fins. I thought that the distinct ridge left by the decreases on the head gave enough of a suggestion of fins, and that the triangular head shape was so irresistibly squidly that it shouldn’t be messed with.

Come to think about it, I wouldn’t want to mess with this guy in any way! He totally has that mean fish-eye look and imposing set of tentacles that you wouldn’t want to find out were below you when swimming. He’s cuddly yet creepy!