What better way to kick off a 3-day weekend than with a later-than-usual blog post, rolling in at a civilized hour on this lazy holiday morning? I really appreciated the 4-day work week, and so far it’s been delightful to enjoy a relaxing long weekend! Speaking of appreciating delightful things:

As soon as I saw this new colorway of Araucania Ranco sock yarn, I knew I had to have it! I think what really appealed to me was the cuteness of the color’s name: Daily News. It’s the colors of newsprint! You probably wouldn’t automatically think of smudgey newspaper as something that would make nice yarn or pair of socks, but I just love it when yarn colors work well with their names, and I think the varying shades of gray will make neat socks. Some type of “black, white, and read all-over” joke is coming to mind here, but I will spare you the details.

I haven’t decided what type of socks this yarn will become, but I like that it’s a little on the thicker side of fingering weight. Being able to knit on US2’s gives me a lot more flexibility when choosing patterns, since 64-stitch socks don’t generally fit me with smaller needles and skinnier yarns.

In any case, I’m going to take some time to find just the right pattern for this yarn, since I’m taking a mini-break from socks and hoping to spend the weekend spinning, finishing up older projects and working up little stash-busting projects like Hats for Alex and knitted toys. My secret pal did an awesome favor for my current toy-knitting habit! She didn’t even know I was planning to knit softies this weekend, but still she had perfect timing with sending me the set of Hansigurumi Cephalopod patterns! I’ve always been a fan of squids and their cousins (appreciating both their ecology and their culinary contributions!), so I’d been eyeing those toy patterns ever since I first saw them. Now I get to knit a while set of squishy sea creatures of my own! Big thanks to my Secret Pal, whomever she may be ;-)