I couldn’t even wait to take a couple “before” pictures of my latest fibery endeavor before I jumped right in and started spinning. I had ordered this lovely spindle from Spinsanity to allow me to spin lighter yarns than my heavier homemade one. It’s great! I really love how it looks, and how the square shape is a little unusual. It’s also really great to be spinning on a professional spindle instead of one made my someone who doesn’t spin… the spindle spins really fast and long, so I’m having a lot of fun practicing.

The roving is beautiful superwash merino from The Dyeing Arts, which I got recently from The Loopy Ewe. I had heard Tara from the Dyeing Arts on Lime & Violet ages ago, so it was fun for me to get fiber from someone I’d heard talk all about the dye process and other yarn topics. I really like the “Goblin Elbow Blue” color scheme, too. I’m not generally a big blue person but lately, I like it! The yarn looking very neat as it spins up, so I’ll be sure to show off some more pictures of it soon.

One problem I am having with all these new spinning projects, is how to manage and store my works in progress, like the fiber I’ve unbraided and the spindle when I’m not using it. I guess I’ll be in the market for some kind of smooth sided basket or box/bucket/bowl contraption (or several of them)… does anyone have any good recommendations or reviews for that sort of thing?