The stretches of hot weather we’ve been having do nothing to dampen my desire to make yarn, and I’ve had a great time spindling this cornucopia colored 2-ply bulky. I feel like the colorway is a little out of season these days, but come fall it’ll make some delightful warm woolies. This skein is about 6 ounces, and I’ve got a little bit more of the roving to spin up (the spindle was full so I had to stop and wind off), so I anticipate having around 100 yards of bulky merino for a seasonal hat, mittens, or even a felting project.

My favorite part of spinning is plying. (It’s the extremely addictive part!) I just love seeing how the twisting of colors turns the predictable singles into eye-popping yarn as the sections of color either line up, barber pole, or something else to surprise you! It makes for great semi-striping, semi-mottled fabric when the handspun is knitted, too. I like plying so much, that it’s the biggest motivator for me to sit down and spin some roving… I just want to get those singles ready so that I can twist them together ASAP! Maybe some 3-ply is in my future. With results like these, how can I not continue to experiment and enjoy?