I wanted to take this opportunity to show off the hard work we’ve been doing at Bombpop. Due to differences in marketing strategy, only half of our spring line is on display online, and although you can buy that half on the website, a common web viewer would miss out on the other half: our really cute linen summer wear, which I am extremely proud of helping to design and sew.


Instead, these adorable linen and vintage print skirts and dresses are hidden away at our various boutiques and at the craft shows we do, where they sell well and generate custom orders, but where I can’t show them off to my friends and family who are wondering what I’ve been up to! Well? This is what I’ve been up to!


My hope is that despite the wintry weather, the overwhelming cuteness of Bombpop’s summer line will get a lot of attention at Depart-ment this weekend, and most importantly generate some custom-design business. If not, then at least the hoodies will be appealing in the gray and rain!