When I showed off the wool fleece I inherited, you might have noticed that it came with a handmade spindle, worked by my friend’s dad (who knows plenty about tools but nothing about spinning). I weighed it last night and it’s on the heavy end of the weight range for spindles, which I’m realizing now can be blamed for some of the frustrations I had while making this yarn. Everything else can just be blamed on the fact that I need more practice! (Which I am looking forward to.)

I spun it from roving I dyed at work, it’s the 901 Baltic Sea colorway and the fiber is the same superwash base as Lorna’s Laces’ famed Shepherd line. I divided up the fiber and reattatched it to maintain the color repeat of the original colorway in the spun yarn. The skein was still a little damp when I took this picture, so I can’t yet weigh it accurately, but I did save off a good proportion of the roving to work on with a smaller spindle when I eventually get one.

I’m planning on using this yarn for a small-yardage, cold-weather project like Calorimetry or Tudora. I definitely want to make it into something wearable so I can keep it as a reminder of my first attempt at handspinning from processed roving. I’m really looking forward to experimenting with and learning a lot more about spinning, but I’m trying to take the related purchasing at a reasonably slow pace! ;-)