Most people who learn to dye yarn start with food-safe or Kool Aid dyeing, and then move onto acid or fiber reactive dyes later on. I guess I’m doing that progression backwards, since I’ve been getting the hang of production dyeing at Lorna’s Laces and only after that became interested in some small scale dyeing in my kitchen. When I got the urge to spin this weekend, I realized it would be fun to try dyeing the fleece with Kool Aid to make a small project.

I dyed the green single with lemon-lime and berry-blue Kool Aid in the microwave. It’s so neat how the yarn soaks up all the color, leaving only clear water when the dyeing is done! I only wish the clean-up from my dye process at work would be so easy. I plied the green yarn with a natural ply and knitted what I guess is a potholder:

The fabric is extra thick and springy from the crazy first-try handspun. Since the wool was difficult for me to card properly (without the right equipment), the resulting yarn had a lot of irregularity, but it was still a fun project for a quick knit. Maybe a potholder would be a good item to put into the stash of potential gifts? Don’t forget to enter into the gift-theme giveaway— the last day to enter is Tuesday and you’ll love the prize since you could pick it out yourself.

I’ve been thinking about spinning and dyeing another color for a crochet edging on the potholder, but the picking through and carding the raw fleece is so much work! So I dyed some Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Wool Top at work today to keep going with my spinning experiments once it is dry.