Since I use it so frequently as a backdrop for my blog photos, I thought I should give my living room’s neat old trunk a feature post of its own.

I inherited the trunk and its contents from Darby, a friend of mine who was moving away and trying to reduce the volume of her material possesions. My cat loves it because it gives her a perfect perch for looking out the window (and I have the blanket and the Kitty Pi there for her to get cuddly). I love it for it’s old school “distressed” aesthetic, useful storage space inside, and of course its convenient naturally-lit placement for taking pictures. I also have a growing appreciation for what’s inside the trunk:

I keep it chock full of the leftover and scrap fabric I inherited when Darby moved. There was a lot of leftover jersey cotton and wool blend felt, but what takes up the bulk of the room inside is definitely what’s in the box– the raw fleece of a sheep!

I’ve been working with the wool all weekend, and I’ll be showing the fruit of my efforts in upcoming blog posts. It’s pretty challenging to work with the unprocessed fleece without proper tools and space to get dirty, but I had a great time with my first-ever attempts at making crazy, slubby yarn. I ordered a bunch of roving goodies off Etsy and joined a fiber and spindle swap on Ravelry (link), so I think it’s safe to say that I’ve been bitten by the spinning bug! Just ask my poor neglected knitting projects…