Here’s a little gem I’ve been hording since a recent Loopy Ewe sneak up… Yarn Nerd 900 Mhz Merino sock yarn!

I love this colorway, “Absolute Zero.” I’m really attracted to those more subtly variegated colorways these days, sometimes they just show off stitch patterns so much better than the higher contrast skeins. This yarn is tentatively planned for Uptown Boot Socks, which is one of those patterns that needs a less busy colorway. I’ve been eyeing that sock pattern for a long time, so maybe that project will even be sooner than later, especially with the motivation of this great looking yarn.

I’d better get started with this yarn if I want to keep it! The generous Lisa L. stepped up to the bat in my incentive deal to build support for Crochet and Knit Giveaways, so she’s giving away handspun yarn on her site! That means I’ll be opening up my sock yarn stash to a lucky winner to choose a color for their own Fabulous Filigree scarf. I’ll get that drawing underway soon, after the stitch marker giveaway is over. You still have ’till the end of the day to enter that one! Or maybe you’d rather save your luck for the sock yarn scarf drawing? ;-)