I finished knitting the Fabulous Filigree scarf from One Skein Wonders earlier in the week, but I waited until this weekend to find the time to give it a proper blocking. It’s so fun to get it all stretched out into it’s final form! And great to watch the lace eyelets open up and come to life. I modified the pattern slightly to achieve a large size, and I probably could have stretched it out more with the pins, but I didn’t want to distort the lovely curvature:

As it is, it’s a good size for a small scarf accessory, and the luscious yarn will make it lovely to wear around the neck. It’s Fleece Artist Somoko, and it’s as soft and shiny as you could want. I think this colorway (Kaleidosope) is pretty special, too– striking and interesting but no too busy.

I’m thinking of knitting a few more of these to start a collection of gift possibilities. It’s a great use for sock-type yarns (of which I have plenty), and it was an extremely quick and satisfying little knit since the pattern was easy to memorize and the scarf grew quickly on bigger needles. I’m waiting until I can try on the scarf once it’s dry to decide the final verdict to cast on another one (perhaps in Mountain Colors Bearfoot), but it’s such a great feeling to already have a Christmas gift knitted up and ready to go!