I’ve been a bad knitter this weekend, since I’d been telling myself I’d use the time to get caught up on knitting my Sunrise Circle Jacket, and I’ve barely touched the thing. That sweater is in one of those project slumps, because it requires long rows of stockinette, but they aren’t mindless enough to whiz through, since each row has different instructions and they all require counting out stitches between increases. The weather isn’t helping the situation, since I know I won’t be able to wear the sweater for months. I know I’ll get it finished! …I’m just not exactly sure when.

I’ve partially redeemed myself on my knitting goals this weekend by finishing a sock AND starting on Christmas knitting! I finished the Jaywalker sock, and I’m intentionally putting off knitting the second one, since its deadline is far in the future, plus that leaves me free to knit more exciting things. The sock looks great in this stripey yarn though, and I’m confident it will be a great pair when the time comes.

For gift knitting, I started a lacey scarf using the Fleece Artist Somoko that I swore I’d never be able to find a project for. It is such a gorgeous silk/kid mohair/merino blend that it seemed to nice to be turned into socks! So I started the Fabulous Filigree Scarf from One Skein Wonders, which I think will look really neat after a hard blocking to make the points stand out. [see it here on Ravelry]

I’d completely recommend this pattern to anyone considering a lace project, since it’s one of those great designs that looks fancy and complicated but actually the 8-row repeat is simple once you get the hang of it. I checked out One Skein Wonders from the library after finding this project on Ravelry, but now I’m thinking I should buy the book for keeps, since it’s such a treasure trove of quickie projects for every occasion. Maybe I’ll even get some more holiday knitting out of the way early!