I’m making decent progress on my Jaywalker (from someone else’s stash yarn!), so I figured I should share a WiP-Wednesday shot. The sock is looking great, but you can also see that I finally sprang for the sock blockers from the Loopy Ewe:

Since I do a good amount of sock photography, plus a good amount of hand washing socks, I figured it was worth the investment. My previous pair of sock blockers (DIY out of cardboard) worked really well for stretching them out to take good pictures, but not as well in washing or wet circumstances.

If anyone is interested in fashioning their own sock blockers for cheap, here’s a brief tutorial:

  1. Find a sock that fits well and make sure it’s clean, dry and flat.
  2. Trace the sock onto a large piece of cardboard (I used an old box).
  3. Carefully cut out the outline of the sock, slightly inside of the tracing line (so the cardboard is just smaller than your drawing). I recommend using an Xacto knife, although I eked it out with scissors.
  4. Trim off any sharp, pokey bits of cardboard to make them as smooth as possible to avoid snags.

In the photo, you can see where I added cardboard cuffs to the sock blockers to make them taller for a later pair. (Packing tape works fine for these types of adjustments. I’d stay away from duct tape.)