Is it breaking a cardinal rule of knit-blogging to show you a new project whose pattern AND yarn you have already seen here? Because my (yes) spoiled kitty has let me know by cuddling my edgewater cardigan that she (yes) needs a new bed made out of the sweater leftovers. I’ve made Wendy Johnson’s felted Kitty Pi before, and although it was knitted before my days of blogging, it has snuck onto these pages a time or two. The latest edition is shaping up nicely in the leftover sweater yarn:


This is a really fun, easy pattern, and the resulting pie-shaped bed is basically irresistible to felines. Speaking of irresistible, I challenge even the hardest-hearted of you to check out the Gallery of Kitty Pi’s without saying Awwwwww and melting from the cuteness of kitties snuggling in their new, made-with-love beds.


I know you have seen this yarn & colorway a zillion times on my blog (it’s Lorna’s Laces Revelation, #208 Edgewater if you’re new here), but I *am* still in love with the texture and the colors.  I felted one of my swatches with the laundry the other day, so I’m confident that this project is going to turn into a nice, cushiony fabric with stiff enough sides to hold the bed’s shape. Before you get too tired of seeing this yarn here, just imagine the finished project photo that will be following shortly, starring a cuddly and thankful fuzzball!