I’ve been rummaging through the archives adding older knitting projects to my Ravelry notebook. I’m glad I had this blog to help me keep records in those pre-Rav days, but I also have plenty of projects that predate even the blog, most of which I don’t have pictures of. And somehow I don’t think pictures of well-worn, used socks would look that great online. Anyway, it was a convenient coincidence that my sister recently sent along these pictures of her cat Cleo enjoying the blanket I made them back in August ’06.


I started this blanket using a ripple stitch pattern that I found somewhere online, adjusting it to suit the colors that I had from one of those mystery lots full of acrylic yarn off eBay. This was my first “big” knitting project, and I devised a disciplined regimen of daily knitting to get through it: (a) Must knit a minimum of 1 row per day. (b) Missed days’ rows can be made up the following day, but (c) extra rows knitted a given day do not count toward the following day’s rows. It worked! And I’m glad Cleo is getting so much cute use out of it.


This project is from the time shortly after I met Rob, and I can remember talking to him while knitting it. Those were the days before he really understood about the knitting! He had to learn to pretty much ignore my sudden cursing, since it usually just meant I’d dropped a stitch and could fix it with a little concentration. I remember one time I was complaining that I’d counted after the end of the row and didn’t have enough stitches. He asked, “Can’t we just buy you some more then?”  That’s not quite how it works! But I love that enabling attitude… ;-)