I want to extend a thank-you to everyone who has helped spread the word about Pearl’s Diamond Socks. The proceeds from the donations have surpassed even my hopes, and I’m really looking forward to making the first donation on Tuesday. If you have posted about the socks & the contest, please don’t forget to post your entry on the contest page. If you haven’t entered yet, there are still 2 days left, entering is easy, and there are great prizes up for grabs! Post your entries on this page.

And now for a knitting round-up! I just barely started the Prairie Boots in Lamb’s Pride Bulky this week on my lunchbreaks. My cardigan is basically too bulky to bring around with me, so the boots are my knitting bag project for the time being.


I’m really excited about the idea of cushy, fuzzy slipper boots, but I’m even more psyched to get my sweater finished, so the progress on the boots was lunchtimes only. Home knitting time has been devoted to this:


I’ve finished the cuffs and collar of the cardigan, but I still need to knit the waistband and button bands. I’m going to go up a needle size for the waist ribbing to try and move it along a bit more quickly, because I can’t wait to pick out buttons and finish, then wear this sweater! I chose Lorna’s Fisherman for the trim, and I love the way the “nearly solid” colorway (36ns Chocolate) is working out. Fisherman is a soft, versatile 100% wool– I’ve been referring to it as a “workhorse wool” because I love its simple (almost rustic) versatility & durability, and I also love that in comes in 500 yard mega-skeins!

Last time I showed this sweater, an eagle-eyed reader noticed my use of Knitpicks Options cables as stitch holders for the cuffs & waistband. Last night when I was working on the sweater, an eagle-eyed kitty noticed that, too!